There may be recalls on vehicles in GSA's sale. Please check the manufacturers web site for recalls on any vehicles purchased from GSA.


There are two ways to attend a GSA sale: one, you can attend our GSA sale in person at our facility at 2000 Cavalcade, Houston, TX 77009, or two, you can log on or create an account at the public/GSA Simulcast Portal which will allow public individuals and businesses to bid online, in real time at the GSA sale.

For those public individuals and businesses that prefer to attend the GSA sale in person at our facility, you must register before the start of sale. It is suggested to register no later than the Friday prior to the GSA sale date in order to avoid long lines and delays.

*NOTE* attending the GSA sale online requires that you register with and pay for any transactions via credit or debit card. These are the only two forms of payment allowed for the GSA sale from the public. Recent changes to GSA's requirements lowers the credit and debit card transaction limit to $24,999.99 a day, and will reject any transactions that exceed this limit.


Please log on or create an account at our Dealer site: The public/GSA simulcast portal is intended for un-licensed individuals only, and requires different tax and payment methods. For licensed auto dealers, registering or logging on at our dealer site is much more convenient, as it is set up with Auction Access, and allows floor planning, and alternative methods for transactions, and many more options.


For more information call a Re-Marketing specialist at (713) 644-5566. More information can also be found at GSA's web site at:

It is highly suggested that you download and thoroughly read GSA's, "General Sale Terms and Conditions" before registering for or attending a GSA sale. Once registered, you will have entered into a contractual agreement between you and the federal government, and therefore will be held liable by the Federal Government for any misuse of GSA's vehicle auctions. Be an educated buyer, learn what you can and cannot do to ensure a pleasant auction experience.

If you sign up to bid online, you can also see an interactive list of GSA vehicles, that is updated hourly. (Available one week before the sale date.)