Selling at HAA

Photo of Buyers at HAA's Public Sale

The Auction Advantage

Houston Auto Auction has hundreds of buyers that will bid against each other for your vehicle! You can sell your vehicle to one buyer for what they think it's worth, potentially losing thousands or sell it at Houston Auto Auction where hundreds of buyers will fight for it!

Don't pay to much for your next automobile, at Houston Auto Auction we guarantee you a fair market price, on your next vehicle purchase.

Photo of the lobby at Houston Auto Auction

Stress Free Selling

Don't let selling your vehicle stress you out, let the professionals at Houston Auto Auction deal with the potential buyers while you relax and wait for a check. Call now! 713.644.5566

Seller rules

The following are rules governing the sale of vehicles owned by individuals, who would like to sell their vehicles in the Public Auction.

    Seller Check List (pdf file)