About Houston Auto Auction

The fastest growing auto auction in Texas!

Early Houston Auto Auction commercial with founder James Bowers, shot in the early 90's. James Bowers founded Houston Auto Auction in 1964.

Recent video of an HAA sale.


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Mission Statement

"To provide exceptional customer service by building long-term business partnerships in a family atmosphere where respect, compassion, trust, loyalty and perseverance unite employees and customers alike toward achieving the common goal of success for all."

Houston Auto Auction is a family owned corporation, that promotes a family atmosphere for both employees and customers alike. When you become a customer at Houston Auto Auction, you become family. HAA does not think in a typical business sense and therefore is not subject to typical business pit falls and "group-think". We do not draw a line in the proverbial sand and think that on one side, it is us and on the other side is the customers.

At Houston Auto Auction, we strive to keep industry leading customer service as our main goal, as we understand that happy, loyal customers are the key to any successful business. Our belief in exceptional customer service is what drives us to provide a fair, safe and pleasant bidding environment for all. At Houston Auto Auction you will purchase your next vehicle at the fair market value, and not a penny more!

Something for everyone at Houston Auto Auction

Houston Auto Auction has partnered up with industry leaders in Dealer Sales, Fleet & Lease, Government Fleet Sales, Credit Unions, banks, and many more in order to provide you our customers with a large and diverse selection of vehicles to choose from. Whether you want to buy or sale a personal vehicle, or want to add to your company's fleet, you can do so at Houston Auto Auction.